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four inch possibilities from baltimore south and east as rain mixes in. right clear evening. your friday night plans no problem. we're watching the developing storm. there's some additional precipitation and snow wrapping around the back side. it's headed our way. 30s, partly cloudy. we'll talk about how thing also develop, that snowfall map. it's a few minutes away. so now we know more about what to expect. so what's being done to get ready. >> don harrison has details of the plan to keep the roads clear for this last weekend of the year. >> the trucks are getting ready. the sky was blue friday but the roads will soon be white. here are two of the 2400 pieces of equipment that will be working to cope the roads safer
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for the -- keep the roads safer for the weekend. >> with clearing drains, making shower our equipment was in good working equipment, making sure materials were restocked after being out on the roads. >> mike is one of the 2700 machine and women around the state getting ready to keep the roads passible. not only does he need to be ready, so does his truck. >> we're checking the old transmission fluid, cleaning the trucks up, getting ready to load them up. >> the command center can look at roads all around the state. they used high tech gear to keep track of the storm. >> the technology may louse pavement sensors that feed information to the center about pavement temperatures, ambient air temperatures. this allows us to deploy resources to where they're most critically needed. be assured, winter is here.
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if you're heading west, we would caution motorists to make sure you're planning ahead. traditionally, the weather events are more harsh. >> reporter: one way to prepare is to get your car ready now. it's easier to check the wipers and fluid now than it is on the road. >> mike masco will be tracking the storm. the abc2's time saver traffic lauren cook will update you and we'll have live reports. of course, when we're not on the air, you can get all the latest on the storm's impact at right in the palm of your hand. it's eve on sale this weekend, the app s head over to
5:03 pm cold weather has already claimed a life here in maryland because of hypothermia. the state's health department is not releasing much information only saying the victim is a man 65 or older. the agency said his death happened between december 1th and christmas eve -- 18th and christmas eve. >> this is quite common in people or homeless because they're exspoalsed to the element -- exposed to the elements. it can a on it people with inadequate heating or inadequate clothing or are old enough or confused enough. >> maryland had 15 hypothermia related deaths last winter. russian prime minister vladimir putin signed a bill yesterday banning americans from
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adopting russian children. many families were close to welcoming children intoer that homes. >> reporter: russian prime minister vladimir putin made the ban official friday mornings signing the bill it prevent american families from adopting russian orphans. it's break the hearts of american couples. many of the children have special needs. brit and jamie were trying to adoesn't a russian baby with down syndrome. >> it's really unbelievable that that's the place you're at. i moan, this little boy we consider one of our children already. >> reporter: the slaw in retaliation for a law that calls for sanctions. some argued it victimizes children just to make a political point. she arrived in the u.s. in 1992.
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she is the first peab beburn in moscow to be adopted by an american family. >> it makes me feel good that i have a family here. >> reporter: americans have adopted over 60,000 russian children in the last 0 years but russian officials point to the 19 children who died after being adopted by american parents. there's the case of one who was sent back by his adoptive parent carrying a note saying he had been too difficult top handle. the law was called politically motivated. the u.s. is also asking that children who have already be bonded with their parents be allowed to ten nisht process. some call this bill des tenned for hun -- a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of children in russia.
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>> debra mcfadden adopted a dabbled girl from russia -- disabled girl from russia when she was six. now she's a pair olympickic -- paralympic star. the type of life her mother says vladimir putins who now presented any of russia's orphans of having. >> president putin has just nailed the lid in the coffin. shame on him. shame on him for saying here's an ultimatum. i'm angry at the u.s. for something else. let's use the children as pawns. >> coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you more about the mcfaddens, their connection to russian adoptions and why putin's action
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could have impacts on families all over the country. now to a story that could affect an awful lot of people in the state. a new law going into effect tuesday will given parents an additional way to protect their children. >> they can protect them thanks to this law. parents can now request a freeze on their kid's cred kit-- credit. the request cap be made online at three of the major credit reporting agencies. in the past the agencies were allowed to say know if asked to have the child's credit lot. two years to the day that phylicia barnes was reported missing, prosecutors is asking that the courtroom be closed for part of the testimony of her half sister deanna. it's over video that shows a
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sexually expolice sit tape. michael maurice johnson is charged with her murder. for the second time in a month, someone was pushed to their death in front of a new york city subway. >> this latest death was last night in queens. katherine brown reports on the search. >> reporter: police say surveillance cameras captured her running along queens boulevard moments after pushing a man on the tracks and directly into the path of an on coming 7 train. >> that's pretty horrible. >> reporter: witnesses told investigators they saw a woman pacing and mumbleling on the platform and then sit on a bench. they said she shot forward and pushed the man to a gruesome
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desk -- death. >> stand close to the edge to look to see if the train comes. it makes you rethink the things you do on a regular basis. >> i think it's scary. i think people stand too close to the edge, too. there's -- that yellow line is there for reason. >> reporter: this is the second incident of a man pushed to his death in less than a month. a drifter pushed a man in front of an on coming train. the two were caught on cell phone video arguing. tracking down the suspect in the most recent incident is a top priority. >> if you see inbound who was acting erratically the way this alleged perpetrator was acting, i would encourage everyone to call 911 immediately and make
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the police department aware of it. >> reporter: the mta is on consider iting how to -- pondering how to keep it from happening again. >> the man was a 46-year-old indian man who work food for a printing business. grownups cap be bullies, too. >> the shocking number of parents or the problem. and how do you keep fitness from being a fad, the one thing you need to do. >> we're creeping closer to falling off that physical cliff deadline. >> we're tracking the storm as it begins to move toward maryland. this gets in here tomorrow. who gets what? we'll answer that after the break.
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new research said overweight kids don't have to worry about bullies just on the playground. more than 360 everweight teens were surveyed as part of a study. researchers found 64% were bullied because of their weight with almost half saying it came from a phys ed teacher or coach. for some, keeping those new year's resolutions is a battle. linda so tells us one thing you need to do to stick with it so working out doesn't become a chore. >> reporter: life has turned around for sin i.d. she's healthier. >> my first priority is getting up, getting out of bed and getting to the gym. >> reporter: it wasn't always that way. >> i had gone threw a stressful peered at work, wasn't eating
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very well, leading a sedentary life-style. i really had to change. >> reporter: for sidney change came. >> it's been great to experience how i can help other people do the same and improve everybody's life day in and day out. >> reporter: under doug's direction cindy has lost 35 pounds over the last year. >> i could barely walk a quarter of a mile without being out of breath. i was a heavy smoker, drinker. everything was going the wrong way. i decided i had to make a change. >> reporter: so doug got in shape, lost 57 pounds, became a personal trainerred is helping people get back on track. he takes his job seriously knowing his every word can make a deference. >> focussen how far you've come. take baby steps. >> if you have a friend you're working out with, you hold
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yourself accountable. >> reporter: having thatten personal trainer can turn s it into life-style change that doesn't fade away. >> if you want the latest health news or if you have a story you can like abc2's linda so's facebook fan page. forget the champagne. many of you may ring in the new year with booze and energy drinks but experts say you will pay the price because you may and up drinking more than your limit pooh caffeine is also a depressant. typically, that causes someone to drink more of it, just like cof fee. once you get the high and the low, you want it again. >> researchers are looking to see if energy drinks make this harder for you to tell if you're drunk. if you are drinking alcohol, experts say it may be better to
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mix with soda or sell seltzer. five sweeps scanning the sky and finding not a thing. we're crystal clear. that will continue to be the case as we go foompletd i want -- forward. a nice looking sunset, a few high thin clouds. quiet friday night. 38 degrees with a very dry area, kind of like chap stick weather. dry cold conditions and we'll struggle to get out of the low 30s. the cold air is there for this approaching weather make per coming in tomorrow, really early in the morning, too. weather in motion, not a lot of sunshine in baltimore until we get into the afternoon. some morning cloud cover, some evening included cover. clouds we see at the end of the loops, the leading edge of the next storm system beginning to edge its way in.
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again, all clear today but it's the proverbial calm before the storm. cecil, right across through frag and -- frederick and beyond. not this our central and southeastern counties won't see weather. you l the snow spreernlg criteria, two to four inch rains. we're talking an inch or two. a detailed snow nap just a second. temperatures right around the freezing mark, mid to low 30s. as we look at the overall setup, a little clearing. these are the edging, outer edge of the cloud cover. here's the timing on the system. you see the edge of the storm begin to work in. we look for snow to start up. you'll probably wake up to snow coming down. initially it will reach to southern maryland.
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you can see the rain snow line. it's very tricky but it looks like this will be further south than our last storm that we had a couple days ago from annapolis south, more of a winter mix south of cambridge over to ocean city and chesapeake bay. it will be a snow event where areas could receive two, three four inches of snow. the rain snow line shifts further north, maybe edges on to i-95. we'll get rain tomorrow about 2:00. this is when the whole thing begins to head out. we're clearing out. you're looking good. sunday morning nothing more then a stray wintry shower. the cold air that's building across the great lakes will edge its way in behind the storm, a cold sunday, breezy conditions but this will be dry. tomorrow we struggle to get above freezing.
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33, 34 in baltimore, just cold enough for wet snow really but a few rain showers could be mixing in as we work into the afternoon. i'll show you the setup. this is what we anticipate, about a two to three inch rain north and west of the city. as you go further south here bear by up to an inch. the high country from frederick west, it could be four or five inches, more significant totals in the mountains, maybe a six inch high total as you go past hagerstown. down to 33, mostly cloudy. you're doing to get a different storm in annapolis than in westminster but a one to three inch broad range and higher totals, less south toward easton. tomorrow wintry showers, breezy and cold. temperatures into the upper 30s and as we look beyond that, you
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can see the setup into monday and tuesday. some sunshine. now we modified our first day of the new year forecast. right now we're going to advertise another chance noar wintry mix -- for a wintry mix. >> i love this. we get christmas day stuff. we'll get something now. it's going to be a heck of a winter. >> i'll take a lot of nuisances. >> one big blizzard. >> those sandwiches must have been tempting. what park rangers had to do with this big 17-foot snake and the interesting contest they're holding to curb the python population. an icy rescue caught on tape. we'll tell you what it took to get fido and his friend out of
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the water.
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caught on video tonight, sad story. 150-year-old family ranch goes up in flames. it belongs to three generations in the same family. no people or animals were injured. look at this. this makes your skin crawl. scary moment. a 17-foot long python slithered into a picnic area in the everglassed. the family was visiting from arkansas and captured the whole thing on tape. a park ranger killed the snake. wildlife officials are concerned about the exploding snake population next month and is
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offering a python challenge, $1500 to the person who kills the most. pythons have devastated possum, fox and rat populations. a dag wandered away from its owner during an afternoon walk. the dog fell through the ice. then the owner's cousin tried to help but he also fell through. rescue crews were able to reach them. now thousands turned out in san diego for the 16th annual nationals, a charity event. eight dachshunds raced down the track -- that is the biggest dachshund i've ever seen. a wiener dog. winning by a nose.
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so oscar really, really grew and, well -- >> he's a freak wiener dog. >> could be a python. they keep talking about that fiscal cliff -- >> whether a compromise could be reached. >> it apierce both sides found some middle ground. the decision that will keep courts a little while longer. a shootout at a new jersey station left three officers hurt. >> weather wise all clear. the big change is on tap. by the time you wake up saturday morning, a whole different deal. we'll break it down coming up.
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new york city police are trying to find a woman who pushed a man in front of a subway train. it's unclear if the woman
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